• Remote to control speed, breaking, and speed settings.
    • Larger rubber 6.5in tires and normal longboard tires (As seen in the image).
    • Charger.


    This board has variable speed and three modes. Do not put this board in pro mode unless you're wearing protection and you're in a wide-open area. It gets scary fast. I recommend the low-speed mode because It's still fast and fun.  If you ever need to outrun a charging elephant, then kick this board into pro mode and you'll haul butt!


    The speeds below are when you have the larger wheels on. The smaller longboard wheels will make the board go even faster.


    Shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery.

    3-Speed Modes: Low speed mode 12 mph 
      High speed mode 21 mph 
      Pro Speed Mode 28 mph 
    Max load 250lbs  
    Climbing ability 20°  
    Board Material 8 layers Canadian maple
      Dimensions  38in x 12in 
    Battery Capacity 8800mah
    Type 24v Lithium Battery  
    WH 221 WH  
    Weight 3 lbs  
    Charging time 4 hr  
    Cycle time Above 500 times  
    Motor Type Belt Drive High Speed Motor
    Power 2000w  
    Wheel Material Silicone

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